Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bisquick Shake and Explode.

Bottle of Bisquick brand 'Shake and Pour' pancakes mix - $1.99. 12 oz. Bag of Nestles Toll-House Semi sweet Chocolate Chips - $3.99.  Calphalon 14" non-stick fry pan - $59.99. 36 oz. bottle of Clorox Clean-up - $4.89. Fitbit Charge HR -  $249.99.  Second bottle of Bisquick mix - $1.99. Letting James pour in the water, put on the lid and shake the mix..... PRICELESS!!!     And now for the rest of the story. Obviously the lid was not on the bottle properly. As James was vigorously shaking the bottle, the lid let loose and the bottle practically exploded.  Not a drop of it got on him but the entire circumference of my kitchen and part of my dining room, not to mention myself,  looked like a preschool paper mâché disaster.  It dropped off my eyelashes, the tip of my nose, the left portion of my glasses had a glob that complexly obscured my vision, but the majority of the mix had splattered directly under my chin and was slowly making its way down my neck and into my shirt. The stove, upper and lower cabinets, ceiling, floor, sink, window above sink, fridge and kitchen table were hit. I started to clean up the stove first but I was dripping more mix from my body than I was actually getting cleaned up. I had no choice but to go slopping into the shower and peel off my quickly hardening breakfast project and wash the mix off of every inch of my body. I still don't know how it ended up in my belly button. Then back to the kitchen to begin the clean up project. Well....  While I was in the shower my precious Jamie decided he would start the clean up process by putting 6 towels in the sink and filling it with soap and water. Then he found the bottle of Clorox Clean-up bleach cleaner under the sink. His first order of cleaning business was my Fitbit, which I had peeled off and left on the gooey counter.  So he soaked it down really well with bleach cleanser and proceeded to wash it with one of the sopping wet towels. So as I return from the shower and walk into the kitchen, I find that my darling has taken out the pancakey rug, wiped down the stove and some of the floor and counter with the drippy towels and the bottle of Clorox. I'm so proud.... But then I reach over to get my Fitbit to wipe down and I realize it's floating in a puddle of Clorox, water and Bisquick... Siiigh. So now the kitchen is cleaned back up and second batch of chocolate chip pancakes are made and consumed.  I wonder if the Fitbit warranty people would like to hear a story about pancakes and bleach???

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